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Can I buy a one-off instead of subscribing?

Absolutely! We offer one-off boxes for our pre-built bundles only. Our subscriptions are fully-flexible - meaning you can cancel or pause at any time, with no obligation whatsoever.

Is your Merch for sale?

You know it! Here's a link to get started

Do you have a referral programme?

It takes a village - so we love learning about friends sharing the love and the load. Log in to your Mamamade account and navigate to 'Loyalty Rewards'. From there you'll find your unique referral link under 'Refer Friends.'. Your friend will get £10

Can I order porridges on their own?

The best way to do this is to build your own box and selecting 12 or 24 porridges. If you have an existing bundle subscription and would like to add porridges, please get in touch with our Care Team who will be happy to help!

What is the cutoff time for making changes to my upcoming order?

You can make changes up to 1 day before your order is due to be processed. You can find this date in your Mamamade Account, under Subscription>'Next Order Ships'. You will receive an email and text message reminder 3 days before this date. Kindly not